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An the heart of the Rhone-Alpes Isère, close to Grenoble and Lyon, Domaine Saint Jean de Chépy and Castle 13th s. offer dedicated to organizing events and business seminars concept.

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Fwavy on the Exception, Domain and its Castle are reserved throughout the week exclusively for businesses. We support you in creation of events, incentives and the organization of seminars and offer the rental of meeting rooms, receptions, conferences or cocktails, and the partial or total privatization of the site, appropriate to the needs of your business.
Requirement in this place where refinement and ease of use and simplicity alongside,the wedding, family gatherings, association meetings or a cultural, for its, exclusive weekend !
Dand 10 to 2 000 people, we modulate our organization to the extent of each receipt with your main requirement for « event in mind. »
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